We all need our oceans -
and our oceans need all of us.

Let's stop ocean plastic pollution!

For companies:
For ocean heros:

What’s happening

Plastic doesn't just go away

Plastic needs hundreds of years to decompose. Until then, it only breaks down into microplastic.


Millions of fish, wales, turtles and sea birds die every year because they mistake plastic for food.

Plastic is full of chemicals

When ingested, harmful toxins get into the muscles and fat of the animal - and then, on our seafood plate.

Marine animals get Entangled

The effects of entanglement and suffocation of fishing nets and plastic waste will most likely kill the animal.


German schools can now download our free education booklet!

You are a teacher, trainer or activist who wants to bring more education to your class or youth group?

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What we do


We want to empower the young generation with knowledge and tools to prevent plastic pollution. Our focus is in Asia, because that is where most mismanaged plastic waste enters the ocean. Only through understanding the situation, change can happen.


Sustainability becomes more and more important for consumers. We offer a unique eco-training program for companies and their employees to spark ecological innovation and help to become an authentic sustainable company from the inside out.


By providing alternatives to plastic products we can tackle the problem at the source.
On top of that we want to close the loop with recycling projects in areas without a functioning waste-management system. This way, less plastic waste ends up in the oceans.

Who we are

SAME oceans is a non-profit organisation with the mission to protect our oceans from plastic pollution.

Our goal is to give companies the chance to make a direct impact that helps our environment.

We also enable
individuals to take their part in fighting plastic pollution and to leave a positive effect on the planet.

Instead of just a supporter, become an initiator yourself!

Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us! Simply send us a message or connect on social media.