Our mission: ocean protection

Our projects aim to stop ocean plastic pollution

through education and sustainable solutions.

About SAME oceans


We are in love with our planet!

Traveling the world has shown us the most incredible nature and the most breathtaking landscapes – but it has also shown us the pollution that suffocates our beautiful home planet.

As oceanlovers, surfers, divers and general waterhippies we are especially shocked by the amount of plastic which is polluting our marine environment and killing millions of animals every year.

Our vision: Plastic-free Oceans

We believe that – together with YOUR help – we still have the chance to turn the tide on this issue. And we know that we need to act NOW! It is all of us who are responsible for this disaster, so it needs to be us who solve the problem – all together!

Because it doesn’t matter if you are at the Mediterranean Sea, the Pacific Ocean or the Antarctic: in the end it is all the same water, the SAME oceans. And everyone should start protecting them.

Why? So All May Enjoy.

Shells, not plastic!

SAMEoceans Team


Johanna Maul

Founder &
Managing Director

Johanna loves surfing, yoga and the oceans.

She could no longer just watch the plastic pollution she witnessed on her travels around the world. After an eye-opening trip to Indonesia she established SAMEoceans to create change and introduce sustainable solutions.




Agneta loves writing and a healthy planet.

She has a broad knowledge about environmental topics and also works as an editor for Greenpeace. She is one of the crew captains of the SAMEoceans team.


Gabriela Voß


Gabriela loves diving and thinking out of the box.

She is an environmental engineer who wants to drive forward sustainable change. As a conscious coach she is also a free spirit and total inspiration.


Rebekka Polster


Rebekka loves singing, music and cleanups.

She is passionate about spreading awareness how to reduce waste and has creative ideas to promote a plastic- and worry-free lifestyle.


Anna Opitz


Anna loves baking and … chickens.

Her focus is on sustainable consumption and the effects that consumer behaviour has on our climate.



Asia project, Training program, Marketing, Funding, IT, ETC.

Our crew of oceanlovers!

Meanwhile the team of SAMEoceans has over 20 volunteers that are engaged in the project in Germany.



Plastic project

Our coordinator Mr. Muharis has set up a wonderful team of english students that are helping us to conduct our plastic awareness program in Indonesia.



Supporting our cause for plasticfree oceans

A special Thanks to...

...wonderful people that helped to build SAMEoceans



SAMEoceans was founded in May 2019 by Johanna Maul and Daniel Bläcker as a non-profit ocean conservation organization in Hamburg. With all their passion and energetic work during numerous weekend and night shifts, Johanna and Daniel laid the foundation for what SAMEoceans is today. They developed a sustainable business model, defined services and products, set up processes and organizational structures, built a team of over 20 volunteers, planned awareness projects in Asia, clarified legal issues and identified partners, suppliers as well as potential customers.  
After the conceptual phase was largely completed, Daniel handed over the management to Johanna in order to turn to new projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank cheerful Daniel, who was always helpful, supportive and a great motivator for the team. We are so grateful for the heart and valuable energy he put into this initiative and wish him all the best for his future projects!


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