Your company, your project!

Show your customers that you care

with an individual corporate social responsibility project.

“A good company offers excellent products and services.
A great company also offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.”

- Philip Kotler, Author

Think global.
Act for the planet.

Your company has understood that it is time to stand up and act against the plastic flood? That’s wonderful! Now you have also found a partner that offers tailored solutions, so you can give back to our planet while letting your customers know that you care.

SAMEoceans will design and carry out a project of your choice with the goal to reduce plastic pollution. Our projects involve educational activities, beach cleaning, recycling workshops and other measures to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans.

Our approach is “one company – one project”, which means we consider your needs and wishes and develop the perfect package of activities for you. Are you active in Bangladesh? We find a suitable fishing village for you. Do you give particular importance to recycling? We investigate the possibilities in “your” place. Or you just want to leave the most impact? We go where we can have the biggest influence.

In case you have proposals that go beyond our offer, please get in touch with us – we love to discuss new ideas!

Clean beach plastic free ocean

benefits for your company

social responsibility

We develop an individual measure that fits right into your CSR strategy.

raise brand awareness

Tell more people about your brand with a social media and PR campagne.

Build trust

Show your customers and employees that you care is a great way to cultivate your image.

Competitive advantage

Increase sustainability and become the best option for your target group.

name and logo

You can use our name and logo to spread the word through marketing purposes.

Employee education

Your own employees can be on-site for training or teambuilding measures

Frequently asked questions

It is up to your companies’ interests and resources how much time and energy you want to bring into the measure. See us as your service provider – we will design, plan, organize and carry through all aspects of the project for you. If you like you can choose from a pre-designed package, or you can bring forward your own wishes and take an active part in the project design.

In case you don’t want to engage prominently in a project with your company but still like to support, we would greatly appeciate a donation of any kind.

You would like to support our cause other than through a project? Awesome! Donations are possible in the form of:

– monetary support / donations
– travel opportunities (flight, transport, hotels, etc. for our projects) if you have a travel business
– any giveaways we can use for our projects (e.g. steel bottles, metal / bamboo straws, sustainable shopping bags, bamboo toothbrushes, glass / metal food containers, paper / wooden pens, etc.)
– translating services
– printing of shirts, bags, info material, flyers, etc.
– shipping or transport of materials
– legal consulting
– photography services
– hard- or software
– office space

In case you have a business that can support us in any other kind of way, we are more than happy to hear from you!


Traveling the world and seeing the dramatic pollution with our own eyes inspired us to stand up and act. Of course we can do this alone, but we will definitely be faster and a whole lot more effective with your help!