Become a sustainable company

Show your customers that you care

by creating an authentic ecological brand.

“A good company offers excellent products and services.
A great company also offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.”

- Philip Kotler, Author

Think global.
Act for the planet.

Your company has understood that it is time to stand up and act against the ecological threats to our planet? That’s wonderful! Because more and more consumers are looking for companies that not only offer quality products, but furthermore contribute to a healthy climate, clean oceans and intact nature.

Our goal is to support you on your way to become an authentic sustainable company.  For us, this means that you don’t only make green choices for your marketing or some of your products, but that every process of your business can be assessed in an ecological profitable way.

To get there, it is essential that all employees have a common understanding of ecological sustainability, and how important it is for the future of your company.

And this is where we come in: we offer ecological sustainability trainings for all employees – and with that we mean the whole staff of your company! Because only if every single head in your company can think green, your company can become green – from the inside out.

But we don’t stop there!

As oceanlovers, our mission is to reduce the plastic waste entering the oceans. So our promise is:
For every employee that goes through our training program, we educate 3 kids in Asia to become plastic heroes and protect our oceans!
Why Asia? Because that is where 70% of mismanaged waste are entering the oceans, and if we want to have a real influence to work on this problem, that is where can have the biggest impact!

This way your company can give back to our planet locally and globally, while setting yourself up for a sustainable future. Are you ready to show your customers know that you care? Let’s do it!

Clean beach plastic free ocean

benefits for your company

Go Eco!

More and more customers demand sustainable products and companies. Set yourself up for a successful future!

raise brand awareness

Tell more people about your awesome engagement and get more fans for your brand!

Build trust

Show your customers and employees that you care about our planet is a great way to emphasize your company image.

Market advantage

Increase sustainability authentically and become the best option available for your target group.

Ocean Protection

For every employee that is trained, we educate 3 school children in Asia how to become a plastic hero.

Employee Loyalty

Your employees and new talents will appreciate your commitment and can identify with your values.

Get ready for the future!

Get in touch with us to find out how you can become more sustainable. We are happy to send you our offer and more details about your employee training!