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"Everybody has the capacity to do something."

- Silvia Earle, marine biologist and explorer

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By now, nearly everybody knows about the severe plastic pollution of our oceans, and the dangers that come with it. But still, not enough is done to protect our beautiful blue planet and all the animals living in our oceans.

We ask you to take action today and step into your role of an ocean activist – it is so easy! Support our education based project, where we tackle the plastic problem at the core and provide tangible solutions. Read more details in the text below.

Become part of the movement and donate today for the safety and health of our nature. Even the smallest donation helps us to get one step closer to reaching our goal – to prevent plastic waste entering our oceans in first place.

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1. Follow the link to the betterplace platform and select the action you would like to donate to.

2. Make your donation and help us to realize our zero-waste project in Thailand.

3. If you would like to give the donation as a present to someone, please send the name of the person you would like to give the certificate to:
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4. Receive your awesome certificate per PDF to print out or send per mail!

About the project

The problem
Every minute a truckload of plastic waste lands in our oceans. That's up to 12 million tons per year. A large part of the plastic enters the oceans in Asia, from where it spreads all over the world. Microplastics can now be found almost everywhere - in our food, in our blood and even in breast milk. Up to 700 animal species already eat plastic and suffer tragic death. A major factor for the polluted seas is the careless handling of the extreme amounts of plastic in our everyday lives.

Our solution
We from SAMEoceans believe it is essential that plastic waste does not get into the oceans in the first place. That is why our focus is clearly on education, because it is not enough to just remove waste from the oceans. We want to create a MIND-shift and ACTION-shift in order to protect marine animals from the dangerous risks of plastic.

Our project
With our project in Thailand we want to inspire especially the young generation to a responsible approach towards plastics and show them sustainable solutions as well as tangible actions they can take:

  • With interactive presentations at schools, we show through play and hands-on what exactly the problem is with plastic in the oceans - and what each student can do about it!
  • We also give SAMEoceans ZeroWaste StarterKits (sustainable reusable products) to the children, so that they can immediately start avoiding plastic waste. These StaterKits also have a symbolic character that carries the message into the children's social environment. Each kit contains:
    • 1 metal drinking bottle
    • 1 lunch box
    • 1 metal straw
    • 1 shopping bag
    In addition we organize fun and informative beach cleanups, in which we involve local residents as well as tourists, to spread the topic with a tangible engagement in the local environment. 
  • One more cool thing: we install public water filters, so that schools and communities can produce their own drinking water and skip the plastic bottle!
And now - YOU!
Become a #wavechanger and help specifically to reduce the amount of plastic waste that gets into the oceans!
For 15 € we can finance a ZeroWaste StarterKit,
40 € covers the costs for a public water filter,
and with 100 € we can organize a whole nature cleanup - it's all in your hands!

We are happy about every single donation, whichever amount - everyone from SAMEoceans is thanking you from the bottom of our heart! ❤

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