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How to donate

You want to support our mission? That’s amazing!

We are a charitable organization, which means that all donations and profits are used for our statute’s purpose to protect the oceans from plastic pollution – you know where your money is going!

Direct Donations

You can simply transer your donation directly to our Paypal Account :


or transfer your donation to our bank account:

Name: SAMEoceans gemeinnützige UG

IBAN:   DE37 4306 0967 2079 2324 00

Tax donation certificates: For donations up to 200 € no receipt is required. In case you need a donation certificate (more than 200 €), please send us your contact details.


You can be part of our #wavechanger fundraiser on betterplace! Donate direclty in the form below or go to the betterplace website:


How donations are used

– Educational & awareness activities
– Organized nature cleanups
– Zero Waste Starterkits for school kids
– Water filters for schools & communities
– Recycling projects in Asia

>> and of course a whole lot of other cool stuff!

In case you want to donate for something specific, please get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen!

We truly appreciate your help  – thank you!

A little less money on your bank account, but a lot of points on your karma account 🙂