How to avoid plastic

Let's turn the tide on plastic!

"The best waste is no waste."

- Johanna Maul, Founder of SAMEoceans

HOw to Avoid plastic

Another way to get active...

… is to adapt your lifestyle! Take reusable bags instead of buying plastic bags, shop at the farmers market instead of the plastic-pumped supermarket – you probably already know these tips. We’ve put together a few more for you!

Get a stainless steel water bottle
This is not a new one, but something we would like to point out specifically. As aluminium and copper bottles leak metal into the water, stainless steel is considered safe when it comes to emission of substances. There even are stainless steel thermo bottles that keep your drink cold in summer, and hot in winter – such a bonus! Also don’t forget your bottle when you go traveling, as it will save you a truckload of drinking bottles!

Avoid plastic food containers
Take-away food, home delivery, convenience food at the market or cut fruits and vegs in plastic containers. Are we really that lazy? Take your own food container for your go-to lunch place, avoid home delivery and prepare a beautiful meal yourself and buy fruits and vegetables as the come – and cut them up a-la-minute. So fresh!
(Honestly, who needs a peeled orange in a plastic container package?)

Take a spoon wherever you go
You never really know when or where you are going to get hungry – it can happen anytime and anywhere! So, always take a spoon with you and when hunger strikes you are prepared to dig in your meal or snack without needing to use plastic cutlery. Just wipe the spoon and give it a wash back home! You can also save the next take-away plastic cutlery and reuse it over and over again. For convenience, just put a spoon in every bag you use!

Use a bamboo toothbrush with natural bristles
A great way to stop rubbing your mouth with plastic twice a day! There are lots of different kinds and sizes on the market, so if one doesn’t feel right for you, don’t give up on it! Try 2-3 different ones until you found your perfect match (reading reviews online helps!). In case you still want to use your plastic toothbrush, you can start using one that has a replacable head to cut down plastic waste. 

Avoid clothes made from synthetics
Have you ever noticed how many of your clothes contain polyester, spandex and the like? Try to be aware with your future purchases and buy natural fabrics – because plastic clothing loses plastic fuzz with every wash, which ultimately ends up in the ocean.

Give up on chewing gum
Yep, chewing gum is made out of plastic. It actually contains polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum and other synthetic materials that are not biodegradable. If you still feel like putting that stuff in your mouth, please don’t spit them on the street but place them in a bin. We know it’s not easy to give up, but once you get over the crave you will never need them again. A mint, anyone?

Buy ice cream in a cone
Often we don’t even think about it – but every ice cream you buy in a cup instead of a waffle means garbage in the form of a plastic spoon and usually a plastic-lined cup. Time to start licking again!

Bag tips for convenient shopping
Be honest – the problem is that you always forget your reusable bag? The solution is: simply deposit several bags and pouches in handbags, backpacks and trunks. So you always have one with you and don’t have to think about it. By the way: You can also put bread into your cotton bag at the bakery.

Buy in bulk stores
A huge portion of the plastic trash in our oceans is from single-use packaging. That is why it is essential that we cut down on all the single-serve packaging and start buying in larger quanities. Check out if there is even a zero-waste shop close to you!  It will save lots of plastic and even a dollar here and there!

Get a reusable straw
Since the video of a turtle with a straw stuck in her nose got viral, most people are aware of the problem plastic straws imply. If you don’t want to live straw-free (simply say ‘no straw please’), there are loads of alternatives – from metal, paper or bamboo straws. There is even a collapsable straw that you can take on all your adventures:

There are so many more ways to start avoiding plastic in your everyday life, but please don’t feel overwhelmed. No one can change their life in a day, it is a process we have to go through (and it’s not always easy). But you will feel so much better when you actually DO something to keep our nature and oceans clean – promise!

So, just pick a few of the points that feel good for you and take it step-by-step! See what works for you and inspire your friends, family and colleagues to also join the movement!

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♡ Thank you for reducing your plastic footprint! ♡