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"After the stone age, the bronze and the iron age, we now have the plastic age."
- Werner Boote, documentary filmmaker 'Plastic Planet'
Marine animals are suffering from plastic garbage

time to change

By now, pretty much everyone knows the disturbing images: whales that die with their stomachs full of plastic, turtles with straws in their nostril or the surfers, whose used-to-be-paradise waves are full of garbage.
We know that there are 5 massive garbage patches in our oceans, which have a diameter of more than 100 kilometers. Little do we know the dramatic extend to the pollution: That a large part of the plastic waste is not even visible at first sight. Researchers assume that up to 99% of the plastic floats in a water column or has sunken to the seabed. "Tip of the iceberg" is still a positive analogy here.
There are scientists who already speak of "Plastocene", the age of plastic. Because if we continue like that, we will leave a future archeology for following generations. And it doesn't look pretty.
Time to make a change. Time to get active. So All May Enjoy!

a rising movement

As huge as the problem seems - there is also reason for optimism. We are pleased to see how new measures against plastic waste have been taken in the past months worldwide. From plastic bag bans in Australia, Africa and South America to the EU Plastics Strategy to privately initiated projects like beach cleanings in India - things are moving!
We from SAME oceans want to do our part. We carry through projects that make a difference on the spot, from beach cleaning to educational work to introducing tools for plastic reduction - in the short term as well as in the long run.
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